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1/4” Panel  2” “J Return” Aluminum Trim Molding - B708-2.0


Product Description

Aluminum "J Return" Trim for 1/4" panels with 2" return

The CAP Industries Aluminum “J Return” Trim B708-2.0 creates a 2" return around a recessed window/door opening or simply a jog in the wall. We offer aluminum panel molding profiles in the most extensive variety of colors on the market, with no minimum order required. These J Return profiles are manufactured from the same material as the panel facing, assuring an exact match with your panel color. Whether Kynar painted or anodized, these trim profiles are available to ship within a matter of days. CAP Industries molding profiles make for a simple and very attractive addition to your building project. We also can make custom molding profiles to address special conditions and fit specific metal panels. Simply send us a sketch and a n overview of your project and one of our professional staff members will be happy to provide you with a solution at a very affordable price. Please contact us today for more information about our trim choices as well as our wide selection of metal panels.