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Aluminum Panel - Tecpan Sealed Insulated Panel System

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Aluminum Panel - Tecpan Sealed Insulated Panel System

Our standard 1" aluminum panel is made up of an .040 aluminum color face, Extruded Polystyrene core (XPS), and a mill finished aluminum back pan, which fits into the face pan. This panel offers an R value of 5.20. Add an additional R value of 1.25 per each 1/4" of panel thickness. Typically these panels are mounted to the face of a building utilizing a hanging clip and rod & caulk jointapplication, or in place of glass in aluminum glazing/ storefront channels. With this option an offset panel is offered to bring the panel flush with the window mullions and no mechanical fasteners or adhesives are used. Available Options: Thickness range from 1" to 3" Painted, Anodized, or #4 or #8 polished Stainless Steel & Textured Finishes Polyisocyanurate Foam (ISO) Core for a greater R value Plywood (PW) Core, offering impact resistance 4mm Cement Board (4mmCB) , offering greater impact resistance. Tecpan™ aluminum panels offer the ability to add a greater R value to the building envelope. Because all edges of this pan in pan assembly are permanently sealed, this panel is virtually unaffected by moisture. Our standard colors offer beauty and durability with a coil coated Kynar 500 finish. Both solid and metallic colors come with a 20 year finish warranty and little to no maintenance is required. The Tecpan™ panel is an economical alternative to other panel solutions. With a wide variety of material compositions available, we offer the ability to customized any panel to meet your needs. Product Number Equivalents: Firestone Una-Clad Series 10 is equal to our 1” Tecpan Firestone Una-Foam is equal to our 2” Tecpan

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